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Happy easter ^_^

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Anonymous asked: Do we really have to talk about gay rights? Oh yeah? Well do we really have to talk about rights for a scrawny little twit like you? The world doesn't revolve around you and people like you disgust me for the fact that you think rights for a group of people who aren't allowed to get married is "annoying".

Did I say I didn’t? No. What I don’t like is how people try to make it like if you don’t agree with someone’s ways of living you’re automatically a bad person. I’ve met people who don’t agree with gay rights because of their own personal beliefs, but they still respect everyone around them yet they’re apparently homophobic?? I say do whatever makes you happy in life, but don’t try to shove down my throat a way of living.. That’s what’s annoying. I think it’s disgusting that people discriminate gay people in the first place, but I don’t have to agree with all of it. I’m allowed to have my own way of thinking without it being “politically” correct. And if you don’t like me, why read my blog?


Bunny wants a spanking. Actually, make that a rough fucking.

Domino’s knows whats up

Vogue Deutsch May 2014, Fashion Art
Grace Bol by Max Von Gumppenberg & Patrick Bienert

on my eyebrow game today.