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♥ I know I have a lot of followers who are going into or are in high school, so I thought this would be a good things to post with school starting soon~ ♥
Get some ‘Lolita’ inspired clothing. Before school starts, you might want to find Lolita inspired clothing for the first few weeks of school. For example, Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, and thrift stores have many nice vintage/inspired clothing. Hot Topic has some nice and more punk pieces, or your favorite store might have just what you are looking for. But unless you have a full Lolita wardrobe, it helps to have some “normal” outfits.
Ease into Lolita slowly. A new school is hard to adjust into, especially if you do not know anyone. You should ease into Lolita over these first two weeks. Tell your new friends about Lolita, and maybe they’ll ask you to wear it for them! You could start off with a skirt (no petticoat) and a simple blouse or tshirt. Slowly add in Lolita shoes, petticoats, small bows, and knee high socks. Clothes are important, but it’s good to make sure you make a good impression and start off your academics with a bang!
Prepare to be laughed at, somewhat. Most people will not accept Lolita with open arms. They might make fun of you, start rumors, or just be rude. But remember they are the ones being immature. Explain Lolita kindly to them, or just avoid the situation completely by walking away. Don’t do it in a snobby way, though! A little bit of kindness goes a long way — and you want to create a non-snobby image.
Have fun dressing up. If you are wearing Lolita, you most likely enjoy the fun that comes with dressing up. Always have a positive attitude and enjoy yourself! You will not even remember the rude people in high school, just the ones that helped you along the way.
Decorate your belongings! Binders, backpacks, pencils, pens, notebooks, and anything else can be decorated with stickers, roses, fake sweets, and plastic bows. It will look out of place if your items do not match your outfit! Help others when you can, and always smile at everyone. Make the best out of these years, and do it your way!

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